My name is Sabrina Rucks and I have 27 years of experience in writing individually crafted speeches that are the essence of that special person or couple. Especially when it comes to weddings, I find the right chemistry and mutual trust to be the most important factors.

Tell me your story, with all the ups and downs, the moments of happiness and so much more and let me turn it into your personal love story. Every couple has their very own world of emotions in which I’m allowed to submerge for a short while. I can laugh with you and – rest assured – I can cry with you too because many stories I’ve heard and written about are just so very touching and emotional. I’m truly thankful for these moments. Every person is unique, precious and wonderful and all the little details will go into the sermon that I’m going to hand craft for you. Celebrate with friends and family, feel and relive the first moment you fell in love.

Benefit from my experience. I can’t wait to hear your personal love story, which only exists because you two created it.